Toddler Photos

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Auckland Region

You get one photographer

It will be $400 per hour

For every hour you will get 180-350 "edited" photos per hour

The photos will be given to you in digital format. 

*If you would like your photos in USB format as well, there will be a $35 fee (USB and postage included already)*

Giving out your photos

How photo galleries will be given out: 

Digital files will be given via May Dream’s Pixieset Online Gallery along with a download pin where the CLIENT can: 

>>Download non-watermarked, high-resolution photos suitable for printing out prints, canvases.  

>> Download web sized photos of their liking that are 2048px in size. These are suitable for postings onto Facebook and Instagram without ruining the photo quality.   

Options also include downloading them in bulk or individually. Notifications of successful downloads will be sent to your email, at the completion of the ZIP folders download. 

Instructions are here if you get stuck on how to use it:


Travel fee will apply for each photo session and will be calculated according to the NZ mileage rate

$0.79 x how ever many kilometres I need to drive to get to your desired destination= $_______

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