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Straight forward yes or no answers, don't leave us in the grey area so we keep having to guess what you are thinking, it's a waste of time for both of us

We appreciate prompt responses as time is money ,and running a business is not like going on a brunch date to catch up on the latest celeb gossip

We work with you to achieve the same goal, not work for you. Acknowledge and thank each others hard work is common courtesy 

If you need product photos taken, we do it. If you need photos of houses done, let's get the ball rolling asap. Let's beat the clock before it makes another lap 

We make food look delicious, the food photos we take will make you drool as if you were right there. So close that you could almost smell and taste the juicy sauces and succulent well-cooked steak, beautifully dished up. Layered chocolate cakes with cream on top and swirls of icing on cupcakes.

Spread the word and make your brand known by everyone with our exquisite May Dream photos, catching the audience's eye straight away with their iconic vibe, composition and editing. Natural candid photos that tells a story about your business and shows personality for a fuller customer experience.

Selling a house and want them to look stunning in the property press catalogue? We make houses look just as amazing as we do with people! We ensure that the house is photographed beautifully spacious and real. Professional and dynamic with our work and creative with our promo videos and editing.

If you've got a seminar or information day coming up and want new promotional material for marketing purposes or brand new photos for your brochure front page. We will get those photos done for you! Fill in those content pages of your information booklet with amazing photos that bring the wow factor!

Got some Amazon products that you need in ultra HD resolution and photos perfectly cropped to the exact sizing? Send your products over to us and we'll get the job in no time! Have you got an online shop that needs photos for the new stock that just came in? Contact us about it and let's chat!






The time has come,

To social distance ourselves. 

Is one metre away far enough?


How bout 2m?

Still no?


I'll wear a face mask too


Yeahhhhhh there we go!

Enough said.

I make you look crazy good



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