• Family Portraits

    Documenting loving moments of your family as you watch each other grow and become more beautiful and mature each day.

  • Live Weddings

    Every single moment is priceless, it feels wonderful to witness your big day through my lenses, and documenting emotions and love that you can cherish for the years to come.

  • Elopements

    You are my everything~ whuaaoo ~

    You are all my all. I love you with every single beat of my heart. May Dream photographing small weddings with lots of love.

    William and Katelyn's Wedding Photos 110
  • Graduation

    Get photos with your friends, your family, your honey, your teddy bear and let's not forget your beloved pet. Hectic day, but hassle free photo taking from me.

  • Celebration Time!

    Wholesome times spent with your closest family and friends in a relaxed environment at a beautiful restaurant, dining happily away on a warm sunny day

    Dylans One Year Bday-40.jpg
  • Senior Prom

    All the fun and crazy moments of your school ball straight from the dance floor. I will be roaming the floors to take photos of your wicked dance moves, put your hands up! We gon party hard! 

    Architecture 2019 Ball-315.jpg
  • School Ball

    I will be taking care of all your backdrop photos, ya'll look fabulous glammed up!

    My guys will be on the job ninja-ing around to get swag photos of ya'll enjoying the party! 

    Architecture 2019 Ball-0.jpg
  • The Super Family~

    Dress up as your favourite character, cosplay as your biast from the anime you've been binge watching. We love a themed party on any day of the week, so please come chat to us about it!

    Dylans One Year Bday-2.jpg
  • Let's celebrate your 21st

    Whether it's a themed party, masked party, dress up party, I am up for it! You threw a dazzling birthday party, it needs to be captured!

    Lola's 21st-297.jpg
  • My childhood

    Capturing the tiniest detail and the most loving expressions. You will get the cutest photos that could ever ask for, and I promise that with all my heart.

    Ethans 1st bday WMED for MD Social-110.j
  • Happy 1st birthday!

    Family importance is a running theme in all my photo galleries family are our roots.

    It is our "home", and I want that to be remembered for generations to come.

    Ethans 1st bday WMED for MD Social-127.j
  • 21st Birthdays

    Speeches is my favourite part of the night! There are so many candid reactions that come naturally from the unique stories that are rekindled upon. 

  • Mama and Me

    A mama's love is the most generous, most selfless love that exists. As our children get older, time passes by for us as well. Photos is the best way to freeze moments that are gone in a blink of an eye.

  • Have the best 50th ever

    Dear mom: It's mother's day everyday when we're with you, we're so blessed to have you as our mom. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us, we keep it within our hearts.

    Jasjot 50th bday-40.jpg
  • Love you mom

    "There's not enough hours in the day to say how much I love you" You are our idol, our champion, you've raised us to become who we are today, let us take care of you now. Have an amazing 50th birthday mom! 

    Jasjot 50th bday-209.jpg
  • I adore you

    A family portrait session is absolutely not just children running around and me chasing after them. You are not just left just standing on the sidelines. As a full on romantic, I love getting cute photos couples

    Claudine and Tom October 2019- Family Ph
  • Professional Attire

    Wear your favourite go to work outfit and bring a different coat with we can see what colour pallet works well with what background. If you want to bring a bag full of clothes to change, go for it! 

    Teresa Hearts these pics-13.jpg
  • You are the reason

    I have an older brother and honestly as guys grow older they don't show as much gestural affection to their moms. That is why I am here to photograph them when they are naturally clingy and all lovey dovey.

    ati 5.jpg
  • I smile everyday

    "You are the apple of my eye". Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life, thank you for being you. Watching you gradually become a young man with strong will power is all that I ask for.

    ati 4.jpg
  • Linkedin Portraits

    A one on one photo-shoot with me and I will do by best to get the most amazing angle of you. I will guide you with some natural, comfortable gestures and poses, to help you not feel so stiff at our photo sessions. 

  • Recognise Achievements

    Special guests speak at seminars and talk to us about all the knowledge they have on the topic. And give such great advice to the peers around us. Being part of such a welcoming family that shows so much support to each other truly warms my heart

    Kanahs Seminar at Tower Insurance-129.jp
  • Opening Ceremonies

    Capturing snapshots behind the stage shots, the vibrant guests mingling with each other, the food and all the exciting speeches. Uncover the wall in three, two, one, wa lah!! Your firm has officially opened!

    The Hearing House No WM_-75.jpg
  • Celebrate Diversity

    Seminars are a great way to open up the thinking of staff members and provide a new perspective to them, Motivate them not only in work but also in life because innovation is what keeps us busy. I take care of the photos, you go have a good time

    Enewsletter pics for post-49.jpg
  • Congratulate Peers

    Is your company's annual awards night coming up? We will deliver results and dynamic visuals to you ranging from performances, speeches, food, dancing, drink, presenting of awards, people mingling, we cover it all! 

    Annual Awards Night- Tower Insurance-291
mothersdaybaby website cover photo.jpg
  • Toddler Photos

    If your child is between 1-5 years old, this is package that you need. It is complete cuteness overload! Too adorable! You get so many photos of your child that you can treasure for a lifetime. 

  • The Ninja Photog

    "Can you feel the loveee whuaaoo yeahh"

    Just you two (and me) cause I just always seem to be professionally third wheeling couples.... and dancing or singing to make you laugh and giggle during the photo sesh, I'll move round to get the best angles of you

    Dan and Bridget-38.jpg
  • Engagements

    I will prompt you to do a chain of movements so you don't feel stiff and awkward in front of the camera. Romantic is my middle name so I will make ya'll super good and edit it beautifully so it looks like a rom-com movie poster hehe

    Dan and Bridget-41.jpg
  • My Birthday Sesh

    Celebrating your child's birthday at home in a relaxed and comfortable environment. You don't need to dress up too fancy, it is just like an ordinary lifestyle family

    photo-shoot with you and your child.

    Farnam no wm-26.jpg
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