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PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGES (For guest attendance of 45-140 people) 

Package options:

  1. “The Party Queen”- The Party Queen Joyce will oversee the entire day. When the sun peeps through early in the morning. It is the beginning of a big work day. Joyce will begin with the bride and bridal party prep photos, then drive do the ceremony location and get ready for a lot of ducking down and walk-sprinting from row to row in the church or squat in the middle of the aisle and get those damn good kiss shots, whilst I try not to block the view of the guests. And of course, she’ll get the friends/family/work colleagues formal group photos done too. She shall then sprint out to the parking lot and proceed to drive to a pretty photo location where she will speedily get all the groomsmen’s photos done, bridal party photos done, romantic bride and groom photos done. It’s gonna turn out so cute!

Finally, we get to the reception location now! YAS! And what does this mean? It means partay time! In comes the speeches, the toasts, the food (DINNER TIME, I LOVE THIS MOMENT!) the first dance, the cake cutting, performances from the bridal party. She’ll somehow figure a way to also do the backdrop photos and roaming photos and dancing photos, but most likely cannot guarantee that this aspect of the event is covered cause she is only one person and can only overwork so much. She’s a hardworking ninja that zips through crowds of people to get to where she needs to be to get the shot. Please feed her if you may, cause ninja-ing is a tough job. She photographs very quickly and captures all the great laughs and candid loving moments with friends and family.

$400/hr for 1 photographer

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  2. “Scooby Doo Doo Duo”- We cover other angles to provide ultra awesome coverage of your special day. Our associate photographer will be in charge of photographing the grooms prep photos in the morning and will also take photos of guests mingling happily amongst themselves, whilst Joyce focuses on photos of the newlywed couple and their close family and friends. The ceremony is covered, reception fun is photographed, emotional speeches, and cake cutting! At May Dream we like to capture the all rounded vibes therefore the food, drinks, venue, dancing and so on will be photographed :)

$590/hr for 2 photographers

   3.“Star22y Twirl”- Joyce will not JUST WATCH you dance, she will dance with you on the dance floor once the music starts. She will do her job amazingly fine while having fun with you and the guests, and don’t worry about her getting drunk, because she has been sober her entire life. Our May Dream videographer will most likely be circling around at reception to get those brilliant movements which really adds flair into the final edit of the short film, recording down those crying emotional moments at the ceremony when you say your vows. We will both stick it through to the end with you.

$690/hr for 2 people (1 photographer + 1 videographer)

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   4.“Wowzah Trio” – This is the package that will blow your mind away, that’s right! We bring you, the “Wowzah Trio” to take care of your event. Aside from getting work from our two photographers mentioned in the first two package options, our videographer will document the little precious moments such as children playing hide and seek or parent’s holding back their tears when they make their speech. Your beloved dog being the ring bearer and running down the aisle to give you cuddles. This is a package that is suitable for weddings with guest attendance numbers of 200-250, this is crazy 360 degree coverage

$800/hr for 3 people (2 photographers + 1 videographer)

Travel Reimbursement

Travel fee will be required to cover the cost of fuel that is needed to drive to the designated location.

It will be calculate according to the NZ mileage rate $0.79 x number of kilometres travelled= $________

Thank you gifts

For an 8-hour wedding booking, May Dream will give the client a whopping 30 free prints that are of a size 100mm x 148mm each. They will be posted out to the client on the company’s own expense as a sign of gratitude for booking with us gift.

How photos will be given out to you

Digital files will be given via May Dream’s Pixieset Online Gallery along with a download pin where the CLIENT can: 

>>Download non-watermarked, high-resolution photos of a very large file size, suitable for printing out prints, canvases.  


>> Download web sized photos of their liking that are 2048px in size. These are suitable for postings onto Facebook and Instagram without ruining the photo quality.   

Options also include downloading them in bulk or individually. Notifications of successful downloads will be sent to your email, at the completion of the ZIP folders download. 

The Pixieset platform also serves the function for the CLIENT to conveniently share their photos with close friends and family.  

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The amount of photos you will receive

Events are one of the most complex photo-sessions as they require a photographer’s flexibility with working in different lighting conditions and adapting to them from one area to another. A precise number of photos given cannot be promised as the photographer does not know what will actually happen on the day, it is quite dependant on what activities happen at the event and also how keen the guests are to have their photos taken, some people just hate having their photo taken, and we totally respect that. But what the photographer can guarantee is that they will go home and spend looking through all the photos they took, hand pick out all the good photos and then proceed to edit them so that people’s faces glow like they are sun-kissed. 

From experience I can estimate that with about 80-180 guests attending the wedding, after I moderated the numbers for four hours of coverage, I can give out approximately 200-500 edited photos per hour. This is just to give you a general idea cause every event varies so drastically. Like I spoke about in the above statement, we photograph as the event unfolds itself, leave it to us, we literally go all out in photographing the day and ALWAYS seem to end up over-giving photos hahahahha

April and Jimmys Wedding Day 231.jpg

FAQ// Charismatic light-hearted reads for some lols


To keep up with Joyce’s latest photo gigs and travels + behind the scene videos and car karaoke visit her Instagram stories at:

Thank you for visiting my website and reading through all this information.

Let me know what you think, and we can chat more if you’re interested. 😊

Warmest Regards

Joyce Chen

NZ: +64 0212921272

AUS: +61 0413594430


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You can opt to choose from our team of associate photographers that do just as great of a job as Joyce if you are working on a lower budget. The only exception is that they are not supa duper experienced since they haven't photographed a tonne of events before. Meaning that they do not photograph biu~ biu biu~~ as fast. Therefore the number of photos given to you is about 40%-50% of Joyce's usual photo amount.

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