Maternity and Newborn

Roxathina's completed maternity photos 3
Roxathina's completed maternity photos 2
Roxathina's completed maternity photos 1
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Auckland Region


For your one hour maternity photo session it would be $300 and you will get 

an amount between 180-250 "edited" photos. 

The final amount of completed photos given to you will depend on what footage we actually got on the day,

And what we have to work with. We then select out all the good photos to edit, and then present it you beautifully via an amazing online photo gallery call Pixieset where you can:

-Scroll through your digital album to view your photos

-Conveniently share the photo gallery link with your family and friends

And with your very own personal download passcode that is only accessible by you, you can

-Download the photos in HD quality (suitable for print/safe keeping purposes)

-Download them in web sized quality so the photo quality remains excellent for Facebook or Instagram posts

-Options also include downloading them in bulk or individually

Notifications of successful downloads will be sent to your email at the completion of the ZIP folders download.

To get a more visual idea of how to download the photos watch our instructions video:


You can change into as many dresses as you possibly can within that one hour if you have

heaps of dresses that you want to wear for your photos

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