Meet the team


Founded on 17th February 2017

Main photographer and

Owner of May Dream Photography.

Enthusiastic about taking photos and really friendly, so start a chat with me!

Likes to sing to the CD while driving and is in love with chocolate.

I am available for corporate events, family portraits, school balls, weddings, birthday parties, and surprise proposals.


Interesting thing about me: I work at Starbucks but I don't drink coffee as I am coffee caffeine intolerant. 


Joined 10th August 2019

The lead video guy that has a great eye to detail and is very knowledgable with his cinematic edits that include smart transitions from footage to footage, his colour grading skills are very on point too. He also goes for the natural look in his highlight films.

He works side by side with Joyce to take care of the media side of things at any event. Book us now :)


Interesting thing about me: I like jumping into the water from bridges into rivers and waterfalls

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Auckland, New Zealand