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Canon R6 - Dunedin

Canon 5D Mark 4

Pooja and Urvik's Wedding

Sam's Graduation

Steph's 21st Birthday

Sarah's 21st Birthday Party

Laurie's 21st Birthday Celebration

Jess's 21st Birthday 

100 Years School Dental Service Party

Matt's 21st Birthday Party

Aalliyah's Blossom Family Portraits

Gayathri's Graduation 

Eseta's Family Portraits

CESA Graduation Dinner

Tower Insurance- Lean In Seminar

Elia's 1st Birthday Party

Kaleb's 21st Birthday

Manaia's 21st Birthday

Lana's Joint Birthday Party

Eckard's Pre-Ball

Shivashni and Saten's Elopement

Esnart and Innocent's Wedding

Miriama and Suaesi's Engagement 

Baljeet's Wedding Anniversary

Andrew's 21st Birthday 

Ash's 21st Birthday Party

Mosh's 40th Surprise Birthday Party

Manilyn's Family Portraits

April and Jimmy's Wedding Day

Tyrelle's Graduation

Simon and Alessandra's Elopement

John's Surprise Proposal

Amandeep and Sukhdeep's Engagement

Debbie's LinkedIn Portraits

June's Graduation

Joziah's 1st Birthday Party

William and Leaso's Elopement

Michelle's Graduation Day

Runhe's 1st Birthday Party

Summer Star Suit Commercials

Jeannie and Matthew's Wedding

Caprice's 21st Birthday

Karla and Jason's Wedding Film

Luke's 1st Birthday Party

Grace's Family Portraits

Brazier Family Photos

Kiara's 1st Birthday Party

Noora's 1st Birthday

Leena and Tim's Wedding

Cynthia's 20th Birthday Gathering

Sarah's Family Portraits

Lola's 21st Birthday Party

Mieke and Bailey's Engagement Party

Dylan's 1st Birthday

Jasjot's 50th Birthday Party

Jax's 1st Birthday

Unitec x UOA Architecture Ball

Olivah and Viliami's Wedding

Roxathina's Maternity Photo Session

Winnona's 21st Birthday

Mele's Family Portraits

AJ's 26th Birthday Party

Ruta's Family Portraits

Agam's 1st Birthday Gathering

NZ Underwriting Agencies Awards Night

Rowena's Graduation Party

Daina's 15th Birthday 

Val and Moses Wedding

Juhi's Graduation

Teresa's LinkedIn Portraits

CB Civil Staff Photos

In-Studio for Pit's Family Photo Shoot 

Vin's 30th Birthday Party

Dan and Bridget's Engagement Party

Jaiden's 1st Birthday

Harper's 100 days old Memory

Maria's Family Photos

Aspire2 International- Christmas Party

Tower Insurance Annual Awards Night

Pakuranga College Ball- Casino Royale

WSP Engineering Christmas Party Video

Jerome's Pre-Ball Film

Pav's 21st Birthday

Ati's Family Portraits

Emily's 21st Birthday Party

Sokunthy and Chanthy's Wedding Day

Rahul's 21st Birthday Party

Yi Tong's Graduation

Farnam's 2nd Birthday Celebration

AESIR- After Grad Themed Nightclub

Bonnie's 30th Birthday

Suzie and Eddie's Wedding Day

Storme's 25th Birthday

Kisha's Family Portraits

Katie's 21st Birthday Party

AULSS Mobsters and Lobsters Stein

Maria's 50th and Meggy's 25th Birthday

Norah's Graduation 

Clementine and Loia's Family Photos

Rachel and Snow's Graduation

Servcorp Cocktail Launch Event

AYP- Resilience Seminar

Alfonsus Graduation Day

Sharol's Business Portraits

Evan's Graduation

The Hearing House Re-opens Ceremony

Aivery's Graduation

Salaa's Mother's 90th Birthday Party

Nesi's 21st and Vaivao's 60th Birthday 

Lola's 21st Birthday

Jordan's Graduation Day

Tower Insurance Pride Parade 2021

Anita's Family Portraits

Atesh's 50th Birthday Party

Chance's 4th Birthday Party

Leandra and Nico's Pre-Ball

Fehi's Baby Shower

Candace's Birthday Cake Smash



Sony A7 iii

Celestine Annika's Baptism

Mekal's 2nd Birthday Party

Tower Insurance- Pride Parade 2020

Pav's 21st Birthday Highlight Video

Ephisianz 1st Birthday Party

Ethan's 1st Birthday Celebration

Adam's 1st Birthday 

Sara and Mic's Wedding Day

Mason and Poppy's Wedding


Sony A7R iii

Sapoa's 32nd Birthday Party

Benji's 1st Birthday Party

Daina's 15th Birthday Celebration

Rachel's 21st Birthday