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Updated: Oct 4, 2019

To make this convenient for you to bulk download your photos and to respect your privacy you can be the one to choose which particular photos you allow me to post, Just simply click the "heart icon" on each one of the photos that you allow me to post, so I can easily identify them. I have made screenshots to show you step by step how to access your online gallery.

@People who attend the events or parties, the password is only shared to the client that paid me to do the photo session. **If school ball committees members wish to give the gallery pin number to fellow ball goers, you may do so for convenience of downloading purposes**

Watermarks on everything?

"Watermarked" photos only exist on

>>May Dream Photography's Facebook page AND

>>In the compressed ZIP "FB quality photos" folder that is sent out to the CLIENT.

A basic watermark with my logo and the event name will be added at the bottom of all these photos for the purposes of social media postings, which tends have a uploading size restriction of 5MB.

HD files are usually 15-25MB. 

Watermarked ones are for social media sharing purposes, to maintain great photo quality levels I like to compress the photos so they are Facebook friendly quality. In the contract I would have clearly stated that I have the CLIENTS written permission to post the photos onto my social media platforms or use them to promote May Dream Photography further. You need to let me post at least (insert number_______) photos to showcase my photography work.

Options on how I get my photos?

I just give out the photos by digitally uploading them up onto Facebook and other social media platforms for people to just grab their photos instantly, or sharing, tagging and liking. I also use the Pixieset Platform too to host my online photo galleries.

You have the option of choosing to get a USB delivered to your house. If you would like your photos digitally AND also posted to you in a USB format, an extra payment of $15 (postage is included already) will be required for me to buy a reasonably sized USB that can fit all your photos in it. 

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