The new era of dating is based online now. I stand for meeting people in real life, but let's be honest.

People are busy with work, busy catching up with friends, just busy.

The way to go to meet your future significant other is through Tinder, or East Meet East or Bumble.


You get the idea, these potential matches don't want to see grainy low light cellphone photos, binge drinking photos, they will not just swipe right on a cropped photo of your abs, or be charmed by whether it is your duck face or your grumpy selfy. 


We are gonna change things up, and I am here to help you get to the first step of getting matched. 

I am going to prompt you with fun, natural poses to get that must have smiling photo. 

We are going to get a wide variety of photos to wow those gals/guys.

It can be a photosesh as short as 1 hour or as long as a 4-hour lifestyle documentation of your day.

I allow for as many outfit changes as you want, depends how fast you can get changed and how much your carry bag can fit. And if you want those "I am naturally hot" show off your body and physique photos taken at the beach or hike track, that is totally cool with me cause you've spent your time at the gym and you've worked hard to achieve that. 

Number one rule: no sexual harassment or full nudity.


Lemme tell you, photos of guys wearing a suit will really get those swipes.

Tip: So if you are taking a mirror phone selfie with your suit on, make sure that it gives off a clean, classic feel, make sure the doors of the toilets are all closed, make sure if you are not smiling with your teeth, you are smiling with your eyes. Don't put up pics that give off the oily, farkboi kinda vibe. 

Anyways, my rate would be $80/hour which includes 5 beautifully highly edited photos per hour. 

Tinder Profile Photo Session


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