It would be $180 + GST for a one hour photo session with one of our May Dream photographers

You'll get 30-110 "edited" photos per hour that we lovingly hand pick out to edit.

The amount of photos given depends on what footage we get on the actual day, there are many external factors that could influence this.


Such as: 

-Bad weather conditions,

-Jam packed schedule where you have to go here and there and perhaps disappear for 2-3 hours for the ceremony

-Friends that only want their photos taken on a phone or instax (it hasn't personally happened to me :) )

-Late arrivals from all parties

(if you've been to a few graduation days you'll know that no one can guarantee the exact time in which anyone is arriving, and finding one another in person or via the phone is next level difficulty)


It kind of works like this on graduation day: Most of the day I am on standby, for example I photograph for 2 hours then wait for a 3 hour layover (do not freak out, you will not get charged for the 3 hours) then proceed to immediately run from one end of Auckland CBD to the other once I receive a text message from you about where your current location is.


T. I .P.  *If you don't want to be so stressed out with taking photos on the actual graduation day book for a

one on one photo-session 1 to 2 days after you receive your certificate*


In which we will then present it beautifully to you via an amazing online photo gallery where you can view the photos, download the photos in either HD quality for printing purposes or web sized photos for Facebook and Instagram, and also conveniently share the link with your friends and family.


Extra photo for June no 3.jpg
Extra photo for June no 2.jpg
Junes Grad Dec 2018-1.jpg
Junes Grad Dec 2018-13.jpg

Travel fee will apply for a one hour service and will be calculated according to the NZ mileage rate

$0.79 x how ever many kilometres I need to drive to get to your desired destination= $_______


Michelle's Graduation August 2019-3.jpg
Michelle's Graduation August 2019-34.jpg
evan grad photo no wm-8.jpg
evan grad photo no wm-10.jpg
evan grad photo no wm-1.jpg
Rachel and Snow no watermark-41.jpg
Rachel and Snow no watermark-39.jpg
Rachel and Snow no watermark-36.jpg

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