Availability of our photographers

Depending on what time of the day you want, and what date your event date is, we truly believe in first come first serve.

Please don't be disheartened though if your desired photographer is booked out, as we have a whole May Dream Team all ready for the upcoming wedding and events season, we are sure to help you organise something so you can stress less 

Below is an outline of who does what, and what days they are typically available:


Joyce | Family portraits, weddings, birthday parties, graduations, real estate, baby showers, maternity etc.

Available: Only on Wednesdays/Fridays and weekends.

It depends on what date and time you want as she's got her hands quite full at the moment.

Accepts coverage: 1 hour to 10 hours

Correy | Weddings, family portraits, birthday parties, 

Available: Only on Saturdays and sometimes Sunday if he has not made other arrangements already. 

Accepts coverage: 1 hour to 5 hours

Dylan | Birthday parties and real estate.

Available: Weekends and the occasional weekday, flexible arrangements can be made

Accepts coverage: 1 hour to 3 hours

Kevin | LinkedIn portraits and birthday parties

Available: Anytime on Wednesdays and Fridays. Then most weekends at night, two weeks of notice prior is required

Accepts coverage: 1 hour to 3 hours

Daniel | Graduations, birthday parties, weddings

Based in Otago - Dunedin

Available: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays if he has not made other arrangements already. 

Accepts coverage: 1 hour to 5 hours

Why are your different photo sessions priced differently?

Every event is operated differently, the guest attendance numbers can fluctuate from anywhere from 1 person to 1000 people and the number of photos given also affects the price. Overall it depends on the live circumstances on the day of the event. If the activities schedule is full on, of course there will be a lot of crazy photo taking, if it is only of people standing at a party drinking alcohol all day all night, literally you won't get much essence out of your photos. Also for example some clients like their LinkedIn profile pictures to be highly polished up edited, therefore they are more pricer. Some clients just like normal editing that does not deal with pimples or photoshop slimming of face and arms. It is only if you request "highly edited" photos that we charge extra.

All the prices written on our website includes the actual photo-taking on the day, the culling and editing of photos afterwards in post production, email gallery send outs, unlimited digital downloads of the photos in HD resolution or web-sized resolution of your choice, using the unique download pin that May Dream gave you. 

Making your bookings

Use whatever platform that is most convenient for you. We are on Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Zoom. Typing sounds very different to someone actually speaking to you so give us a call to have a chat with us at

(+64) 0212921272. When a phone call is made, you are able to express your ideas clearly and openly.

You also get to hear Joyce's personality through the phone! It's a great way to see if you click with us or not.

If I am busy photographing other photo sessions and cannot pick up your phone call, it is best to send your inquiry to our email: maydreamphotography@gmail.com with event information such as time duration so we can curate a quote for you.

May Dream 2020 New Years new tshirt prom
May Dream 2020 New Years new tshirt prom

Write us message and tell us all about your big day :)


Thanks! Message sent.

How long is the wait for my photos?

The turn around rate for your beautifully edited photo gallery is usually around 2-6 days. During busy peak seasons with numerous large birthday parties and weddings on during the spring to summer period (October- April) the waiting time is approximately 1-3 weeks. Of course, we do our very best to give our clients the photos in a timely manner, cause we want to be able to post up the photos as soon as possible to share the excitement that left us buzzing from the event too. As a reasonable human being when you go to bed, we go to sleep as well, we do not pull all nighters to finish editing your photos as it has an impact on our photographer(s) health and well-being. 

Do I get to pick out what you post onto social media and website?

Yes, you are allowed to pick out which photos you allow us to post onto social media such as our fb business page or be featured on our website as a part of our portfolio. There is a heart icon function on the digital online gallery that I give you, and you would just need to click the heart icon on each photo, only once, so that the Pixieset system can create a favourites list for me. Then I will know exactly what the filename of the image you clicked "heart" on was and proceed to post those up. May Dream Photography is a BIG LOVER of posting, we enjoy sharing the excitement and vibes that kept us overjoyed for days and weeks. 


We love sharing our work and beautiful edits with our May Dream fans on our Facebook page, therefore we will not accept bookings that do not allow us to post anything at all. IF you do not heart icon any photos for us, we will pick out the dozen or so of the best images that we adore very much to be added to our website. 

Can you make a photo-book for me?

It would be our pleasure to design and layout a beautiful photo-book for you. You can choose which kind of texture you'd like for your cover which we have available in matte, glossy or linen. Also let us know your favourite colour(s) so we keep it mind and incorporate it into the photo book as much as we can. Primarily we use the Milk books platform to make the photo book for you as the quality of the paper is of exceptional quality and the colours stays so true to the actual edit that we did on the photo. It is simple and elegant sporting the timeless look with it's minimalist approach so that the view can focus solely on the gorgeous-ness of the images.

To find out more about this service visit : https://www.maydreamphotography.com/photobooks

Why can't I get my photos immediately after the photo session?

Great question, post processing is an important part of what makes up our service. At May Dream we don't serve raw/unedited photos much like how chefs would not serve raw meat on a platter for you at restaurant.


Day of a May Dream Photographer: 

We photograph like the ninjas that we are, afterwards we hand pick out all the good photos by putting 5 stars on them (this part is called culling), then after culling, we edit all the photos that we picked out and then upload them like crazy onto an online gallery for you. The file sizes are humongous cause of its HD-ness, so it takes A VERY long time to upload. You can download the digital photos in HD resolution or web-sized format of your choice, as many times as you want with your unique download pin.


Follow the step by step video instructions here about how to download your photos


The amount of photos given will depend on the actual footage that we get on the day as some guests don't like their photos taken or nothing is really happening at the event, no cake, no dancing, no speeches, no kids running around, no hugs, no nothing, thennnn..... logically there isn't really anything that we can photograph, other than the staged group photos that we gather everyone up for.

Why do you guys wear a face mask even though NZ is cleared to be at level one?

We wear a face mask to protect you and your friends/family because we are LITERALLY jumping from large event to another large amount with the busy weddings and event season coming up. We want to take extra safety precautions just in case anyone from the previous party coughed or sneezed in our faces during the group photos, perhaps due to hay-fever or allergic reactions from the changes of weather conditions, we don't know. And so, a fresh face mask is worn at each event and our camera gear would be sanitised with antibacterial wipes prior to your photo session so that you don't have to worry about us handling our gear, then touching surfaces around the venue that might pose a risk to the guests.


We don't really ever go around touching surfaces at the venue on purpose lol cause that'll be totally weird....

But we just wanna let you know that we are ultra big on Covid safety, and keeping you and your loved ones safe, so you can enjoy your events even more! ^_^ Let's get the partayyyy started! Contact us here