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Photographer + Video

Photographer + Video


Pros: Kevin is an easy going guy that you will just vibe with you straight away. He's the type that will party with you whilst taking great photos for you, so there are no silent dance floors. He will hardcore flash at you like what Joyce does which ensures that the style of photographing people, vibrancy, clarity and quantity aspects all meet the May Dream photographer requirements. He gets the job done whether if its the staged group photos or the candid guests mingling shots. Kevin is available for bookings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Cons: He does not focus detailed decor or zoomed in photos of wine glasses. It's mainly people photos, therefore product photos is not in his area of interest to photograph. Kevin still needs just a bit more experience to be level with Correy, but overall he's a great partier + photographer!

Pros: Correy is tall and can get to those high angles when recording video footage, this is perfect for school balls and birthday parties.

He is a speedy shooter and gives out quite a lot of photos. The amount of dedication he gives at each photo session is amazing, he will give it his all to the get adorable kid photos, even if it means for him to squat low down and run after them to get those candid photos of them having fun or eating a cupcake. Also, he enjoys posting up sneak peeks to get everyone super excited after the event

Cons: He works full time during the week and would only be able to work Saturday gigs. He is a little bit less experienced than Joyce as he doesn't attend as much events as she does, but other than that he is amazing.

Pros: Joyce is a photographer that shoots insanely fast and loves generously giving her clients tonnes of beautifully edited photos. She covers a large range of photo sessions so she is not limited to only birthday parties or weddings. She's a video editor too btw, creating wholesome videos using her trusty Premiere Pro. So if you've cried watching one of our wedding films or birthday videos then it is probably edited by Joyce or Correy. She mingles in easily with the guests and is a chatterbox. Her photos are candid (she gets those posed group photos too don't worry), ultra HD, bright, dynamic, clear and sharp. She edits her photos as if people had sunkissed complexions and it's super gorgeous. 

Cons: Therefore, she is a lot pricer than the others. Because she is booked out most of the time, her editing pile is huge and it's all lined up according to which event happened first and last, it's a little bit of a wait but we promise you, the wait will all be worth it.

Pros: Dylan is an easy going guy that will hardcore flash at you like what Joyce does which ensures that the style of photographing people, vibrancy, clarity and quantity aspects all meet the May Dream photographer requirements. Being fully trained up by Joyce you can be assured that he gets the job done amazingly. Whether if it's the staged group photos, candid guests mingling shots or emotional speech reaction shots. Dylan is only available on weekends and can take on any real estate work or 21st birthday parties or parties in general. 

Cons: He is rather quieter and speaks quite softly so if you want a photographer that is loud and hollers posing guidance at you, he is not your match. He will try to dance with you on the dance floor, but there's no guarantee on that as he prefers to be on the sidelines, taking photos from the outskirts of the dance floor.

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Covid-19 Announcement:



Keeping you and your loved ones safe

Joyce attends A LOT of events one after another in a short space of time. With such a huge number of guests attending, moving from one large party to another without any safety precautions is risky for you and for me. Therefore to prevent herself from accidentally catching covid and unknowingly become a silent community spreader, she will put on a fresh new face mask right before each event, to stop her flying droplets from going everywhere when she speaks.
Cause she does talk A LOT

Sometimes she also needs to get quite close up to the client and guests to interact with them and give them posing ideas. 
Despite that NZ has been declared to be
"Covid Free" the rest of world is still currently battling this pandemic.
She feels that it is appropriate to take such  measures, because covid can exist without showing any symptoms.  And me transferring from one event to another poses a high risk to others if I don't wear a face mask.
Thank you for your understanding and consideration! xoxo

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