Birthday Parties

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We understand that a birthday party can be as big or as small as it can be. 

Birthday party memories should definitely be documented as each age milestone only happens once in a life time. 

So that is why, I love photographing parties.

The cake design, thoughtfulness and care put into making that cake leaves in me awe.

You will also notice a very strong trend in my photo galleries where I pay particular attention in capturing photos of friends and family hugging each other. Speeches are one of the best parts of the night because it can get super emotional or be really funny at times, it's such a rollercoaster ride, and it still is, thank you for sticking by my side.

Whether it is your child's 1st birthday party, or your sweet 16th we are all for it.

If you've got a 21st comin up, or a roaring 30's party bash, stylish 40th lemme tell you

You've just found a photographer that will dance with you whilst they take mean az photos for you!

Literally no matter what age you are turning, I promise you you're gonna get the best photos ever!


Giving out your photos

How photo galleries will be given out: 

Digital files will be given via May Dream’s Pixieset Online Gallery with a download pin where the CLIENT can: 

>>Download non-watermarked, high-resolution photos suitable for printing out prints, canvases.  

>> Download web sized photos of their liking that are 2048px in size. These are suitable for postings onto Facebook and Instagram without ruining the photo quality.   

Options also include downloading them in bulk or individually. Notifications of successful downloads will be sent to your email, at the completion of the ZIP folders download. 

Instructions are here if you get stuck on how to use it:

Will take photos of the environment, decorations, food, drinks, presents, people mingling, dancing, speeches.

Looking at the camera photos: (the number of photos given depends on who is willing to get their photos taken)

The photos will be chosen by us, edited by us and given to you in digital format via Pixieset Online Gallery .

*Please note: These photos are "edited" not "highly edited"*

Personalised Co-Creation:

You are able to pick out exactly what photos May Dream is allowed to post onto their social media platforms, by clicking the heart icon on each of the photos that you like.

A favourites list will then be automatically generated for us. 

It is very helpful to us as we are able to filter through that list and identify our mutual favourites.

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Our photo-sessions - Choose your favourite photographer

Thirty minutes "Swift Breeze" one on one birthday portrait session

350 - 460

One-hour staged set-up children's cake smash

IN STUDIO with themed backdrops and decorations 

380 - 400

The rates below are for birthday parties with standard guest attendance of around 25-100 people

If it exceeds this number a new quote will be provided


Two hours "Express Frenzy"

240 - 320/hr

Three hours "Fabulous Glow-Up"

200 - 300/hr

Four hours "Totally Gotchya Back"

185 - 340/hr

Five hours "Colossal Party"

170 - 360/hr

You can opt to choose from our team of associate photographers if you are working on a slightly lower budget. They do not photograph biu~ biu biu~~ as fast. Therefore the number of photos given to you is about 50%-70% of Joyce's usual photo give out amount, but they do just as great of a job as Joyce!

Add-on options

*Videographer to document those emotional moments, $200 per hour

*Second May Dream photographer on-site, extra $180 per hour.

*USB with the photos in it posted out to you, $35 surcharge

*When you book Joyce in, for every hour you will receive anywhere between 190-390 beautifully edited photos

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May Dream 2020 New Years new tshirt prom
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