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Auckland Region

Rates are as follows for one hour of photo coverage:

One photographer- $300

Two photographers- $550


For every hour you will get 190-250 "edited" photos

The amount given is very flexible as it depends on what footage we are able to actually get on the day.

It also depends on live day circumstances, such as what activities there are, or maybe some people don't like their photos taken which may lead to group photos being of a minimum amount etc.

I totally respect every individual that does not want their photo taken, simply shake and wave no to me and I'll roam around to the next lot of guests in the venue.


The photos will be given to you in digital format via Pixieset's online gallery hosting platform.

-Immerse in a stunning viewing experience and scroll through all the beautiful photos

-Conveniently share the photo gallery link within the company/organisation

And with the download pin that I have given to the communications manager, management and employees can:

-Download the photos in HD quality (suitable for print purposes)

-Download them in web sized quality 2048px (suitable for postings onto Facebook and Instagram)

-There are no annoying watermarks on the photos and there are no "pay per photo" download restrictions in place.

Instructions on how to download:

Clientele include:


Please send your quote inquiries to:

If you prefer to speak over the phone about the event please call +64 0212921272 to speak with Joyce

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Annual Awards Night- Tower Insurance-250
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NZ Underwriting Agencies Annual Awards Night 2020

Tower Insurance Annual Awards Night 2019