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LinkedIn Profiles


Need to get fresh new pics for all your employee's LinkedIn's?

May Dream ensures that you get both quantity and quality photos!

How good does that sound?!

It's super relaxed and very quick and easy, as you can tell my photo capturing style is very candid

So you are sure to get those gorgeous big smiles coming through those LinkedIn profiles :)

The background is all the same but I acknowledge that everyone has their charm and personality

And that is exactly what I want to draw out without losing the same company vibes.

Once they are in their most comfortable state I photograph very quickly to capture the best of the best moments

I can get through a long list of about 120 people within one hours time

Fast aye? Yup! That's how I roll

So you don't have to worry about any drag ons of time, because I don't like that either.

The final amount of completed photos given to you will depend on what footage we actually got on the day,

Then we select out all the good photos to edit, and then present it you beautifully via an amazing online photo gallery where you can:


-Conveniently share the photo gallery link within the company/organisation

And with the download pin that I have given to the communications manager, management and employees can:

-Download the photos in HD quality (suitable for print/LinkedIn profile picture purposes)

-Download them in web sized quality (suitable for postings onto Facebook and Instagram)

-There are no annoying watermarks on the photos and there are no "pay per photo" download restrictions in place.

If you want to update your own LinkedIn Profile, May Dream also accepts one on one photo session bookings.

These sessions are not as rushed as the large company profile photos as you have the whole hour to yourself

We can walk around to get different backgrounds so when you pick out which ones you want me to "highly edit" You have a wide variety of photos to choose from :)

You can also bring a tote bag full of clothes for different outfit changes during the photo session

And you are not limited to any number of shoes, accessories, blazer, ties that you want to try mix and match

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Phone: 0212921272

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