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To make this convenient for you to bulk download your photos and choose which particular photos you allow me to post,

I have set up a pin-protected photo gallery for you to view. Just simply click the "heart icon" on each one of the photos that you allow me to post, so I can easily identify them. I have made screenshots to show you step by step how to access your online gallery. Also, the password to the album is: [insert password]


@People who attend the events or parties, the password is only shared to the client that paid me to do the photo session. 

**If school ball committees members wish to give the gallery pin number to fellow ball goers, you may do so for convenience of downloading purposes**

long vertical instruction sheet on how t

In general I give out my photos like this:

-The "Watermarked" photos come under the "WEB SIZED" category which will have May Dream Photography's horizontal logo at the bottom of it. For the purposes of social media sharing. 


In the contract I would have clearly stated that I have the CLIENTS written permission to post the photos onto my social media platforms or use them to promote May Dream Photography further. You need to let me post at least (insert number_______) photos to showcase my photography work. 

-The "Non-Watermarked" photos come under the category of "HIGH RESOLUTION" which are available for my Clients to download onto their own laptop for their own memories keeping.

free shipping to your doorstep

"more200" =

Rent a dress or buy a dress

We have a selection of dresses and gowns that you can choose to wear for your engagement or wedding photo-shoot Including wedding dresses such as the traditional Chinese red wedding dress. White veils are also available in store.


These are available for renting or for sale.

If you are interested in a dress please let us know and contact us about pricing and sizing. 


*Please note that these dress product photos are artworks of May Dream Photography* 

Thank you

May Dream Photography


Large Storage Space

Length :155cm

Width: 60cm

Bag thickness (side): 10cm


Anti dust and Protective bag case prevents any scratches or dirt from ruining your dress. 


The zip can unzip so the the folded up bag stretches out to its maximum length of 155cm. You can also fold the bag in half and zip it up, to make a hand held carry bag. 


Super convenient and flexible bag for when you want to carry your dress outdoors in style and ease. 

Reasons why you should get yourself a protective bag for YOUR DRESS

Inquire about it right now, stocks last for a limited time only 

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