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Pav's Ultimate 21st Birthday at India Gate, Epsom

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

We have never encountered such a crazy birthday party before it was definitely one to remember. It was so iconic. The dance floor was on fire!!!! Because it was a video and photo package that they booked, I was on photo duty and Correy was doing video. The completed highlight video is down below, it was a blast! Enjoy :)

Cute mom-and-son moment, it was so adorable.

India Gate be bringing out the fab lighting and sparkly drapes and fairylights at the back, pretty!

Brotherly love, we love photographing hugs.

I did not expect a cake smash but..... here we have a very good cake smash hahahhaa

They were really goin for it lol

Such a pretty cake, so elegant~ I forgot to ask where they got the cake from, I was paying too much attention on taking photos of people haahhaha

Their photogenic-ness is fo-real so damn fabulous

Getting comfy with the funny speeches that's to come.

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