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How long till I get my photos?

Quantity over quality?


For events and functions I can't really up my price, because as you know event/party throwers/corporate functions have a budget that they work with. I will most definitely take time to edit the photos, just not "Highly edit" them. The big thing about events is trying to get everyone that attends the event in at least, one photo.  But usually these events have a gym hall full of people attending them, with this in mind, you often get heaps of people that group up to take a dozen or more photos during the night (or day). Ending up with 600-1000 or more photos for a 3 hour event is likely to be possible, cause there is just so much people that like to take heaps of photos :) The client expects "extremely fast" photo gallery turnover rates, therefore please don't ask me for "Highly edited" photos. 

I was once asked to photograph an event at a bar/club for 2 hours at $50 from 11pm-1am and was told that they expected me to have 100 photos up by THE NEXT DAY at 7am or 9am. I don't remember specifically what time it was. These conditions are not humane, it is not even enough to cover the time it takes for me to do the most basic-ist edits and upload onto Facebook or Google Drive. Let alone cover my fuel fee and parking fee, it's a harsh reality to face but these two fees actually exist. They have about 10 000 likes on their Facebook page if I remember right? Or was it 100 000? I don't remember. Although I would like more exposure for my photography business, I am not desperate to the point that I crave longingly to get your exposure. I don't tolerate with anyone that wants to burn my bottom line. If this exposure is the result of me having undervalue me and my work, I'd rather not get it.

Quality over quantity?


Quality over quantity? I say definitely quality. As I stated before in my "Must Knows" article "Cosmetic surgeon or Magician"

I have regulations for how I edit different categories of photos. I spend a large amount of time on "one" photo, for Toddler photos, Bride and Groom photos, Engagement photos, Head-shots and Family portraits. I like to ensure that the quality, mood, lighting, skin condition, background, hair, eyes etc. are bang on 99% perfect and lookin on fleek.

I am probably more eager than you


After the photo sessions, I am probably more eager than you to see the photos. Because if you have met me in person you would know that I gasp in excitement when I get a stunning photo of you. hahahhaha I get super hyped up as if I am on a sugar high. Honestly, if I didn't need to sleep or eat or go to uni, I'd probably just bury my head into my laptop and get straight into editing. "Extremely fast" photo turnover rate does not mean I will give you the photos in less than one day.

My broad estimations on turnover rates:

Please take into account that I will not do any editing whatsoever on Sunday, because I work at Starbucks on Sundays.

And I place my anything that has to do with my family first on my list. Thank you for your understanding! :) xoxo

The exact number of photos that will be given to you cannot be specified, because it varies from job to job. 

Especially event photos, they jump from one number range to another.

Edited photos:

#For 40-60 = it would take me 2-4 days.

#For 100-180 = it would take me 4-5 days. 

#For 210-290 = it would take me 7-8 days


Highly Edited photos

#For 13-15 = it would take me 3-5 days.

#For 25-40 = it would take me 5-7 days

#For 50-65 = it would take me 9-11 days

#For 100-200 = it would take me  14-15 days

#For 300-500 = it woud take me 21-26 days

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