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Cosmetic Surgeon or Magician

Cosmetic surgeon


Hiya! I like taking photos of people, I personally find it a lot more interesting than photographing just a forest or a beach. 

When I take photos of people, I take photos of your raw beauty, I like candids a lot. I am there to photograph just as what you would look like in real life. I read and hear a lot from what other photographers discuss about and concluded that I am too, is not a cosmetic surgeon at all. I cannot extend your lashes to a creepy length or thread each hair of your eye brow for you. Nor can I push your face inwards to give you the most sharpest chin that has ever surfaced on a photo. If you would like to look slimmer please don't ask me to use an electronic excess fat vacuum (Photoshop and Lightroom) to suck out all the fat on your tummy. I am not like the legendary photo shopper that changed the pizza into the gorgeous girl. Please don't ask me to use the computer to inject Hyaluronic Acid into your nose, in EVERY SINGLE photo. If you would like your nose bridge to look taller please make sure you have good makeup on, or, if you are a makeup dork like me (currently trying to learn from beauty video-loggers) then I will use Photoshop with Lightroom to give you highlights, or darken shadows etc

To give you some reference of what 5% makeup looks like...


I will show you a before an after photo of a head-shot. For close ups and head-shots I usually go real detailed in order to get rid of the small and big pimples, and also do a reasonable, natural amount of skin refining and smoothing, I don't like to overdo it. I like to brighten up the eyes, make the jaw line stand out just a tad bit more and shed a bit of light onto the hair using "curves" on Photoshop and Lightroom to make it glow a bit, sun kissed feel if you know what I mean :) If you have a few very deep neck lines like me, I will naturally make the deep ones disappear. *This is NOT the same as DOUBLE CHINS*


In the original photo I used a brow pencil to draw the other missing half of my eyebrow out and then slapped on some foundation and lipstick. I make your beautiful features stand out by naturally darkening or highlighting your features bit by bit on Photoshop. For example you can tell from my before and after photo that I emphasized the boniness (omg is that even a word?!) of my collar bone and made my wide face look a tad tiny bit smaller by framing my "side/jaw line" with very soft shadows. I do a lot more smaller things that requires no mentioning here, otherwise I would be writing paragraphs and you would be thinking "I need to get the hell out of here, she talks too much!!! AHHHHHH!!".

 So if you have been wondering why there is a price difference in my packages, this is where all the time and effort comes in because I jump from Photoshop then to Lightroom, then back to Photoshop, then back to Lightroom and save at least 4 different versions as I progress through each edit. If it says "highly edited" on my packages this is the type of photo that you would expect to get. 



What can you do? hmmmmm? Okay, I can make an unwanted person in the photo disappear and turn into a green bush. Hahahah yes I have actually done that before for a wedding, oh it was so entertaining to watch this magic happen.

Thank you Adobe xoxo  

I can drag out your wedding dress or curve out your wedding dress to add a dramatic effect to certain photos if you want me to. And leave people sighing Whhhhuuuuuuaaaaoooooo woooooooo (I will only do this under the circumstance that the ground is not lined, for example a deck. Otherwise the deck will become ridiculously distorted too). Let's just try to keep the photos nice and natural. Same concept applies to the slimming of your waist, arms, legs and the volumising of your hair. If you need me to do such things I will do so, but only in certain photos of you at a certain angle. I am sure you would stunning in other shots at other angles. Usually it is the blunt front on photos that I am asked to slim everything down a bit. 


Most of these above descriptions majorly applies to weddings, because the bride and groom generally don't want a random stranger to photo-bomb their photo, in which the photo will be printed, framed and hung on their bedroom wall. 

Why does it not apply to birthday parties and other events? (Referenced as "@")

It would just be absurd to ask me to photo-shop out all the people that are also celebrating their graduation in the background at Albert Park, and rather bizzare to ask me to clone away the people disco dancing in the background of the photos, at your birthday party that you invited them to. 



The slimming and volumising is not all applicable to events such as "@" bar/club photos, birthday party photos, school balls. corporate events, graduation day and live wedding guests photos. For these events, I am just there to document the day as it is, the most important thing would be getting photos of everyone at the event. Except for people that hate the camera, I won't pressure you into getting your photo taken. IF I ACCIDENTALLY GET YOU IN MY SHOT THOUGH, just tell me to delete the photo when you see it released onto my social media platforms. That is why I will be giving a lot more photos than Pre-Wedding photos, Head-Shots and Engagement photos. Toddler photos will remain as its true beauty is :) 

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