your photo book

Investing in a photo book is the best thing that you could ever do for yourself or your family. You have the HD resolution photos physically in front of you instead of having to dig through all the emails we had previously sent you, to locate your online digital gallery, or rummage through the dozens of USB's that you have at home, but have no idea what drawer you put the USB in. 

A tangible photo book is there so that you can flip through it

whenever you want to, at any time of the day. 

Whilst you are enjoying a cuppa tea on the sofa in the afternoon, or show your friends that come to visit your house how much your baby has grown up by. Or perhaps you want to purchase two photo books so you can keep one for yourself and gift one to your parents that's overseas because they don't get to see you often, and miss your family oh so dearly.

We can design and layout a photo album for you if you have previously booked with us or about to book a photo-session with us and would like this as an add on to your photography package.


Our service is $150 for a Milk book design for the simple, elegant look, if you're wanting to go with a stunning cover and high quality paper pages.


The other option would be $190 for a Snapfish design as it involves an intense amount of creative planning and thinking.

-Finding stickers to go with what photos and how to lay them out on what angle.

-Mixing and matching different stickers with each other

-What colour scheme we should go with to make the photo book look cohesive but then add in colour contrasts and juxtaposition for flair and unique-ness.

You can...

-Choose to have a matte, glossy or linen textured cover 

-Let us know what your favourite colour is , so we can feature it more often.

-Tell us which photo is a "must" put in to the photo book

-Mention what your budget is for buying the photo book, so we can work out how large we should make your photo book so it suits your ideal price range.


Then leave all the rest to May Dream because spending time in front of the computer with a sore neck and back is not what you want. 

Trust our artsy eye and we are sure to deliver results with the creative freedom we have instilled in us. 



May Dream will post the photo book out you spontaneously as a surprise parcel arriving at your doorstep.

The invoice for the design fee and billing printout of exactly how much the printing company charged me will be enclosed inside the parcel.

This must be paid within 3 days of receiving the parcel.

An extension can be granted as long as you message and email us about it.

Postage fees will apply here as we need to post the parcel out to you.

We use Aramex couriers as our delivery partner. Rates are as follows.

Within Auckland: $5   ||     NZ Nationwide: $7

Overseas: DHL worldwide express shipping

(cost of it is to be confirmed later at checkout.

The city, suburb & post code are factors on how much the shipping will be.