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Chat, Discuss, Arrange, Confirm, Contract and Booking Fee


No.1 chat


I don't bite and I don't rage at you for no reason. Just flick me an email, text, Facebook message, Wechat message, Instagram message or just call my number to inquire about a photo session with me or ask for a quote. My number is not a secret at all so contact me if you need to :) 

No.2 Discuss 

Okayyyy, if you're happy with the quote and is keen on the photo session, we are going to get things rollin. Let's discuss about what shots you particularly want or people or items you want in your shots. Discussion time is all about talking it all out. Did you want to add any extra services such as a second shooter, or a following makeup artist to your package, no problem at all, we can tailor our services to suit your needs. Are there any props that you would like to bring to the photo session with you? If you do so, you are more than welcome to bring it. Would you like your photoshoot indoors (at home) or outdoors? It is totally up to you. 

No.3 Arrange

Stage 3 is arranging, so it means that you aren't messing with me and you are really keen for the photo session. We can arrange to meet up for coffee and talk more about the details of your event or wedding if you would like to meet me in person. It will be my shout because I like treating people to hot chocolates. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, go for it. If you can't be bothered to meet up with me, that is algoods as well, we can continue to make arrangements on Facebook messenger/Text or Phone. If you want to find out more about what kind of person I am, as if you met me in person, go check out MAY DREAM PHOTOGRAPHY Facebook Page, as I do post quite a few videos during the year. 


By the way, I need your phone number AND your Facebook messenger to be valid and contactable the day before the photo shoot, on the of the photo shoot and one-two hours before your photo shoot.  I hope it is not too big of an ask, please check your phone regularly and don't fly off on me. *I had spoken about the case where the "shy couple" gave me an address that didn't exist and just disappeared. 

I've opened up my doors to you
Now let's get creative with ideas and poses!
Ta da! This is what I can offer, let's talk more!
Need some time to think about it? Take your time.Hmmmmm
Confirmed and Booked. On aboard team, time to head off to our photo session.

No.4 Confirm


Once everything is settled down and the time and date is agreed upon. We shall confirm all details that are vital to the smooth running of the photo session. 

No.5 contract

After confirmation, a contract will be set in place and sent to you via email. Please read it through thoroughly and sign your name and the date, at the bottom of EACH PAGE of the contract once you have finished reading it. Fully understand the terms of the contract and sign. If you don't understand certain aspects of the contract please don't hesitate to ask me. If there are some terms that you would like to be changed, please feel free to send me an email and discuss about a change or deletion of that term. To send the contract back to me simply scan every page back to me as a PDF file and you are all good to go. Alternatively you can print out the contract, sign it and bring a hard copy to our photo session. 


Taking photos is not easy, the work after taking photos is even more uneasy, it takes time and effort, hours in front of a computer. A contract exists so that both parties can feel safe and be worry free. In a previous Facebook post I made,

I spoke about how important it is to have a contract in place, it is to give an outline of a service with Terms and Conditions that help save photographers from working themselves till death. Otherwise some people may take advantage of photographers and ask them to give them more edited photos for free. *I don't ever give out my raw photos because it is like giving a small piece of wood to the client, then throwing them the duty to make the entire furnished chair themselves* 

No.6 Booking fee

Like what I mentioned in my "expectations" article, because I am really scared of anything that relates to money and payments nowadays. 30% of the agreed photo-session fee as a non-refundable booking fee. It must be paid within one week after you have contracted your date with me, in order to secure your desired photo-session date.

If you would like to book a live wedding package with me and is struggling to pay the booking fee within a week, I allow seperate payments to be made over two weeks, so you do not over stress yourself. After I have received your booking fee, you may change the date of your photo session for up to three times only. 

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