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Regarding travel fee and accomodation

Seriously? you need me to pay for your fuel?!


I get asked this A LOT. And when they inquire about a photo session with me and hears this, they think I am ripping them off or just being an asshole. When I ask if you could cover my fuel expenses, I literally mean it genuinely. It really JUST covers my fuel or if I go long distance, only half it. Like, driving to the location uses fuel and fuel actually costs a lot of money. If you drive a car, you would know driving is a never ending cycle of burning petrol and going to the fuel station to fill up again. 

what?! travelling fee?i have never heard of such a thing.

Travelling to somewhere takes time, and time is money. All those famous economic or financial books say that don't they? Yes indeed, time is money. But to be honest, I don't need to charge you for my waiting time at the airport for the plane, or charge you for the time it takes for me to Uber to the airport, or the Uber fee that I need to pay to get to Auckland airport.


I genuinely just need my plane ticket paid for and my rental car fee compensated to me, because I need to drive myself and my second shooter and my mum around town to find food and go grocery shopping, and get to your desired location on time for your photo session. 

The end.


So if you want to get some photos taken down in Queenstown or Arrowtown or Lake Tekapo or Bay of Plenty or Wellington or Dunedin or Christchurch or Coromandel or anywhere else that I have forgotten to mention, please be assured that I only need these travelling fees paid for. 

Accommodation like a home

Accommodation is important as it is a place where our belongings can be kept safe there while I am out all day shooting your wedding, pre-wedding, engagement party and so on. It is also a place where we can sleep a decent sleep without worrying sick that we need to lay out a "bear proof net" to avoid forest bears fumbling through our crippled glass doors in the middle of the night. Decent sleep is important because it ensures that we are all mentally healthy and full of energy to get us through a full day of intense photo taking.

We don't expect you to book us a 5 star hotel or a great big mansion for our accommodation. You do not need to pay for such expensive accommodation. An AirBnB should do just fine :)

As long as it is reasonably ok and gives us a good, safe place to settle down for the night before your wedding/special occasion, we are already grateful to have such a nice host like yourself. 

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