Dramatic Queen Lace Wedding Dress
  • Dramatic Queen Lace Wedding Dress

    Only available in L size.

    Measurements (cm): 

    Bust- 87

    Bust adjustable flexibility is 84-90


    Waist adjustable flexibility is 67-73


    Style and Specifications:

    Dramatic Queen Lace Wedding Dress

    -The flowers on the dress are hand sewn, artistic 3D flair to the flowers.

    -It is a mid rise waist dress.

    -Colour of the dress is white. 

    -Fabric is mostly Polyester

    -This is a half lace up, half zip up dress from the back.

    -Dragging dress end

    -The dress has a little bit of elasticity and flexibility



    -The jewellery and props shown in the photos are not included with the dress. 

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